Yard Update!

Spring is here...for real this time...so it's time to update you on the yard happenings! We've been busy the past few months. Just to remind you, here's what the backyard looked like in January:


In the last few months, we dug out an area behind the shed, dug out (and then filled in) a firepit-turned-well, put down landscaping paper, edged it with bender board, built a planter box along one of the edges, and filled it all in with gravel! It sounds simple, but just digging out that area was a huge chore that had to wait between rain storms, as did the raking and leveling that always seems to accompany the digging I do. All in all, it took maybe three months of work done between raining and gigging.

Next up, we'll rent a tamper to make the gravel more stable (and walkable), and put in a picnic table and a fire ring. We didn't really do a housewarming party, but there will be backyard warming parties...all summer long, I'm thinking!

We also finished planting the front yard!

Spring has been amazing to watch! We moved in last April and didn't really get around to doing any work until the end of May. So, everything we planted went in during a blistering Sacramento summer. This spring has made me think I just might be able to keep plants alive! Check out some of the fireworks!

Finally, Straw Bale Garden, version 2.0 went in a few weeks ago and, as of yesterday morning, everything I planted is already sprouting: tomatoes of all kinds, arugula, kale, greens, bell peppers, scallions, zucchini, spaghetti squash, and eggplant! Here's hoping most of it survives!

So, that's the update! The yard has reached a big stopping place, which is really nice! I feel like we can spend the summer enjoying it. 

Thanks for reading!

Cathie Apple