TEDx UCDavis (April 2015): The Fear Muscle

I had a request for the link to my TEDx talk! It was an honor to be part of the event at UCDavis. This was back in April 2015. I wanted to somehow combine music performance and yoga, the two things I'd done for the longest, but also make it interesting to anyone who might be listening. Every time I thought about what to present, I kept coming back to the Psoas. It's a muscle that causes a lot of issues physically when it gets tight, as one might expect. But the effects it can have go beyond the physical. It closes you down and cuts you off from being able to express yourself...which connects the musical performance side of things.

Since this talk, I've given other presentations and workshops about using posture to lessen performance anxiety, as well as how (and why) to get stronger to improve posture in general. These strength and mobility techniques also make it into ALL of my fitness classes and sessions with clients, as well as flute lessons and masterclasses. Ah, the power of posture!!

If you are interested in this kind of stuff, you're in luck, because you definitely haven't heard the end of it from me! I'll be posting a few of my favorite exercises to improve posture every so often...little things that everyone can do that can really make a difference!

Oh! The link! Nearly forgot...click here. And thanks for stopping by!