Black Friday

Some people go shopping on Black Friday to find that once-a-year deal. Tim and I? We rent power tools and wreak beautiful destruction upon our back yard.

We had a couple of very big stumps and a bunch of small ones scattered around the back. Since our plans for the back yard do not include giant stumps, we shopped around for a company to remove them. The estimates were between $1000 and $1500. YIKES! 

Well, for less than $200, we rented a chainsaw and a stump grinder from Home Depot and spent the afternoon in an epic battle with the aforementioned stumps. Victory was ours! I'll let the photos tell the story...


Here's the really big stump, all snuggled up to the chain link fence. There's also a slightly smaller stump in the middle of the yard, but I don't have a good before pic of it.


What I do have is a good shot of me in the process of taking a chainsaw to that bad boy!


It took a little while, but I finally got the stump cut low enough for the grinder to get to it.


Here's the grinder and the result of a LOT of work from Tim!


Here's Tim, finishing off that stump!


Tim's working the grinder on one of the smaller stumps in the yard.


Remember that giant stump all snuggled up against the chain link fence? This is what I managed to do with a chainsaw and a shovel. Boom, baby!

So, there it is!! The latest installment of the Epic Saga of the Back Yard! We saved ourselves a TON of money by doing it on our own, got a great workout (probably going to feel that tomorrow), and a huge sense of accomplishment!

Cathie Apple