Straw bales still going strong!

Because we planted so late, we're just now starting to harvest from our garden. We got some zucchini early on and they are still coming! I've made a couple kinds of ketogenic zucchini bread (always with chocolate, of course) that turned out great, but we've mostly been just adding them to stir-fry.

Some early success!

Some early success!

The cherry tomatoes are coming in like crazy!!! I just wish more than a handful of them would ripen at the same time. How do we manage that? Any suggestions from the peanut gallery?

I had given up on the heirloom tomatoes, but we finally saw TWO tiny green heirlooms starting to grow on the most mature plant! I have a feeling they did NOT like the 100+ degree days this summer.


The eggplant that redundant?...has sprouted a couple of beautiful purple flowers! We'll see if any eggplants show up.


We have a couple of sweet peppers, too! I'll have to figure out what to do with them.


The chard did pretty well. We've harvested it once and it looks like we'll be able to harvest it again before too long.

The arugula went NUTS! I've harvested it twice and it's almost ready for another salad! I think it might have to be my new favorite green.


Anyway, if we can get our bales started earlier next year, I think we'll really have some serious veggies! What fun this has been!

Cathie Apple