Citywater on Insight

Local Celebrity alert! 

A couple of weeks ago, four members of Citywater went to the Cap Radio studio to record some music and an interview with one of their classical hosts, Kevin Doherty. It was a ton of fun! Kevin had great questions and the whole production team we worked with was just awesome! We played a few excerpts from some of our repertoire and chatted with Kevin about new music/modern classical music/this hard to pin down genre.

It aired today! The team over at Insight did a really nice job with the editing and the sound guys rocked it! If you happened to miss it this morning, no worries! I've got the link for you! Check it out! And then, if you haven't yet, head over to Citywater's page and check us out there too!

Listen to the show here: CLICK ME

Check out Citywater's page here: CLICK ME

Cathie Apple