Home adventures: straw bale gardening

This was my truck a week ago:

I went to Bradshaw Feed Supply and picked up eight straw bales! Don't worry, they were all tied down and covered with a tarp for the drive.

Tim and I have always wanted a garden, but if we wait until we have the time to build raised beds and all that, we'll miss out on the season. So, when we heard about straw bale gardening, we were in! You plant directly in the straw and it nourishes the plant while it decomposes.

Our bales are set up in the backyard and have been conditioned for about a week so far. After another week, we should be able to plant!!

Soon-to-be urban farmers!

Soon-to-be urban farmers!

This is going to be fun! More pictures to come once we've started planting stuff! 

Cathie Apple